Born in Paris,

Volt’s mission is to make the City easier for its users by offering them the best of eco mobility. Our job is to find, choose, test, qualify, certify and then exclusively import electric mobility products and their accessories.

The very selective choice of exclusive distribution brands such as:

Egret, Chic, Inboard, Leiftech, Kiwano, Minimula, is decisive for ensuring a lasting relationship with our customers.

All our products are electric, less than 20 kg and transportable in a car trunk, on a train or in a bus.

Whether electric scooter, gyropods, hoverboard, unicycle or electric skate, the choice of brands is essential to ensure our customers an irreproachable product quality.

We deliver in a very short time (24 hours) everywhere in France and in the day in Ile de France.

Our in-house repair shop and our technical team provide top-of-the-line after-service with a very short lead time.


24h delivery

Repair workshop

After-sales service

Our vision

Global challenges, innovative technologies and cultural mutations have changed the landscape of mobility.

Driving alone in the city will soon be obsolete.

City dwellers have never had so many different solutions:

Car sharing, public transport, bicycles, electric scooters, segways etc.

At the same time, smartphones are changing the relationship with mobility.

Everything can be ordered or shared instantly. A ride can be started on an electric scooter and ended in a public transport. A revolution is in progress.

Here she is, the city of tomorrow (smart city).

Volt wants to accelerate this transition by bringing together all the actors of this new mobility around a common project. The common project of a cleaner city, less congested, better connected, better shared.

In this multimodal city, city dwellers will be free from their movements, guaranteed to move optimally. Navigating your city in an agile, efficient and sustainable way becomes a real lifestyle.


No company should believe that its job is to sell products: there is another dimension that comes from the relationship, the emotion, the bond. Whatever your sector is, if you want to differentiate yourself and last in time, first of all you have to sell an experience. We must offer solutions, a partnership deemed useful by the customers. This partnership must be effective, personalized, with a strong listening and care ; in short, empathy. This is what the Americans call “value for money”. This is the value associated with what I pay for a product or service.

That’s what drives us every day !